Do you deliver?

For the time being, we only deliver for large orders such as weddings and parties. A delivery fee applies. Pickup point is in Damansara Heights.

How early should I place my orders?

As soon as possible! Give us at least a week's notice for your order(s) but slots do fill up pretty quickly, so we recommend 6 months for weddings, and a month for other orders.

Where is your shop?

sayaBAKE is an online home business and we currently do not have a retail space.

Do you provide candles?

We provide one free firework candle per order. For more, there will be a small fee.

Do you cater to allergies?

We can omit certain components but we work in a kitchen brimming with so many different ingredients thus we do not recommend ordering for those with severe allergies.

Do you have healthy/vegan/gluten-free options?

Not at the time being, but do check back for updates in the near future!

I sent you a message on Instagram/Facebook but how come I've not received a response?

Our main channels to receive orders are via the website and email. Due to the nature of our work, we do not have the capacity to monitor social media private messages, unfortunately.

What makes your products 'premium'?

We only use high-quality ingredients such as Belgian chocolate and cocoa powder (not compound chocolate), real butter (no margerine allowed!), pure vanilla extract and vanilla beans, and pure heavy cream. They are made fresh to order, from scratch, and by the loving hands of our bakers.

Are your cakes halal?

We are not certified halal, but our ingredients are certified halal and we operate in a halal and sanitary kitchen.